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Street Food is on the Rise!

Street food is rapidly becoming one of the most loved ways that us Brits are choosing to eat. With 50% of the British population choosing to have street food at least once a week its proving to be a trend that’s here to stay.

Some people may think that street food is all about burgers and chips, and just a glammed up version of fast food. They couldn’t be further away from the truth. With Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, Greek & Mexican food being the most popular of cuisines that are available in street food, not only is it providing us with great tasting food, but its an education to us all as well.

Whether its a trusty burrito or something more experimental such as Mee Goreng, you are sure to find it in the markets and streets of cities up and down the country, and as these dishes become more popular we are starting to see these variations appear on more and more menus throughout pubs and restaurants nationwide.

In the last year or so we have seen the rise in Vegetarian and Vegan dishes, with street food taking the front seat of showing us how easy it is to create these dishes and how tasty they can be. Not only is the food tasty, but it is also very photogenic. Nearly 6 million posts have been uploaded using the hashtag #streetfood, if that isn’t telling us that street food is popular then what is?

Caterforce announces changes to buying policy in 2019

The foodservice group is planning to expand its policies in 2019 for a greener future

 Leading foodservice buying & marketing group, Caterforce, has announced that it plans to extend its buying policy in 2019 so it can continue to work towards an environmentally and socially responsible future for its members, suppliers and end customers.

Its updates will include a number of significant changes to ingredients, animal welfare, plastic and palm oil. The updates will be made in close partnership with its seven members to ensure the changes are sustainable.

Caterforce has already removed palm oil from a number of its own range Chefs’ Selections products and  is working with suppliers to reduce the volume of plastic packaging it uses.

Nick Redford, Managing Director of Caterforce, said: “We have recently seen a lot of consolidation in the industry, however at Caterforce we are dedicated to foodservice wholesalers and continually focus on creating an exceptional food service solution for members and end users.

“A crucial part of us achieving this, and maintaining Caterforce’s values across our network, is to focus on corporate social responsibility. In 2019, we’ll be placing huge emphasis on offering members, suppliers and customers more than just products. As a group, we are in a strong position to be able to make real change. We know we can utilise our business model to ensure positive steps are taken throughout the network, resulting in a big impact across the food service industry.”

In addition to environmental initiatives, Caterforce is working on  reformulating products with suppliers to reduce fats and salt and focusing on dietary requirements and allergens.

Nick Redford has spoken at length in 2018 about the need for more manufacturers to adopt the Erudus system, product specification software to streamline communication of ingredients in the industry.

Nick added: “We’re conscious of the need for various products that address dietary needs as well as the growing demand for healthy, alternative foods. We have an experienced technical and product

development team who are working to guarantee taste and quality across all new product development and in line with what our members and customers need.”

Caterforce is made up of seven wholesaler members which are all family run businesses; Lynas, Castell Howell, Hunts, Philip Dennis, Pilgrim, Pioneer and JB Foods. Its extensive network reaches all of the UK, Scotland and Ireland and prides itself on its collaborative culture. Its fully integrated buying process involves all members from product specification definition to final approval, and there is full transparency in the group as well as regular opportunities to share knowledge and best practice.

Redford is expected to announce that 2018 was another record year for sales.

About Caterforce

Established in 1991, Caterforce is a buying and marketing group working with seven of the UK’s leading independent foodservice wholesalers, ensuring national buying power together with local service. With a combined turnover in excess of £500m, Caterforce member wholesalers specialise in the delivery of frozen, chilled and grocery products to independent food service operators, including pubs, restaurants & hotels. The Caterforce own-brand, Chefs’ Selections features over 350 products generating an annual turnover in excess of £50m.

For more information visit www.caterforce.co.uk.


This year, more than half (51%) of chefs have added vegan options to their menus. This is up from 31% in 2017. The global rise in vegan and plant-based eating is astonishing. In the UK the number of people identifying as vegans has increased by 700% in two years. Approximately 1.16% of the UK population now classify themselves as vegans. The ‘Veganuary’ campaign, which prompts people to eat vegan throughout the month of January, grew by 183% in 2018 which an amazing 168,500 participants and so we will be supporting this in January 2019. Food trends also show a growth of vegetarian and vegan products, with a 185% increase in the number of vegan products launched in the UK. For the foodservice industry, providing vegan menus offers a whole new area of business. Creating a standalone vegan menu, or ensuring quality vegan alternatives on existing menus, provides a great opportunity to increase your client base.


One of the buzz food products of 2018 has been the Jackfruit. When green and young, the cooked flesh of this tropical fruit takes on the texture of slow cooked pork. Its neutral flavour makes it a great base to absorb seasonings. It’s already proving to be a popular vegan pulled pork substitute. It has the versatility to lend itself to any spiced dish where meat would traditionally be the main component. As a result of this trend, Philip Dennis Foodservice is now offering a Green Jackfruit in Brine (FUNN4010). It’s extremely versatile, you can simply mix with BBQ sauce to create delicious vegan tacos or try roasting with Turmeric to add to Asian inspired menus.

For more information on our Jackfruit product or Veganuary, contact your Account Manager or call our Telesales team.

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Celebrate National Vegetarian Day

Celebrate National Vegetarian Day with flavour-filled meal options that would tempt any meat-eater! There are over three million vegetarians in the UK today.  Along with Veganism, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for many, and research shows that more than a quarter of all evening meals in the UK are now either vegan or vegetarian. This means that there is great potential for increased profit growth by extending your menu options and we’ve selected some great vegetarian options with great profit boosting potential.

GF Quinoa, Beet & Edamame Burger (PARA0272)

This GF Quinoa, Beet & Edamame Burger is an uncoated burger made with a mix of quinoa, beetroot, edamame and mushrooms – spiced with chillies, smoked paprika, ginger, garlic and soy, finished with a citrus twist. This product caters to the established trend of flexitarians and the demand for creative and enticing options and is currently on offer. See page 10 of your October Taste magazine for more details.

National Vegetarian Day
Quinoa, Beet & Edamame Burger

Red Lentil & Chickpea Dahl (TOPI0073)

A lightly spiced vegan/vegetarian red lentil & chickpea dahl curry with cauliflower and butternut squash. Boil in the bag, steam or microwave from frozen for a quick, aromatic main. The cooking versatility ensures consistent portion sizing and reduced waste.

National Vegetarian Day
Red Lentil & Chickpea Dahl

Tortellacci Ricotta & Spinach (SURG0014)

Pasta is always a great menu staple and there are more and more vegetarian options available. Surgital offers an egg-pasta, filled with ricotta cheese and spinach. Pair with a rich and rustic tomato sauce for a quick, authentic tasting Italian dish.

National Vegetarian Day
Tortellacci Ricotta & Spinach

For more inspiration on menu ideas for National Vegetarian Day, contact your Account Manager.   philip dennis site icon

Tilda’s Big Meal Give Away with Mary’s Meals

Tilda Foodservice has launched a new partnership with the charity Mary’s Meals, where for every bag of Tilda Brown & White rice caterers purchase, a meal will be donated to a child in need.

Mary’s Meals provides life-changing daily meals to impoverished schoolchildren in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, attracting them into the classroom to receive an education, which could be their route out of poverty.

Tilda Foodservice’s new charitable initiative means UK caterers will not only be able to use Brown & White to provide balanced meals for their own pupils, but will also be supporting the valuable work of Mary’s Meals around the world, with Tilda donating 7p from the sale of every 5kg bag of Brown & White.

Speaking about the new partnership, Annette Coggins, Head of Foodservice, Tilda UK says:

“A portion of rice in the UK typically costs caterers 7p within a dish and when we heard a 7p donation could also provide a hungry child with a school meal through Mary’s Meals, it made complete sense to partner with the charity. Our new partnership allows us to support UK caterers in creating nutritious meals for their pupils, whilst extending the reach of each bag of Brown & White to help children across the globe receive the vital nutrients they need to succeed in their education.”

Launched at LACA the new partnership will run from July 2018 to July 2019 and will see a meal donated to Mary’s Meals for every bag of Brown & White purchased.

Hannah Stewart, Head of Fundraising at Mary’s Meals UK, comments:
“Our promise of a nutritious meal every school day brings so much joy to more than 1.25 million of the world’s poorest children, in countries including Malawi, Lebanon and Zambia.

“We are delighted to receive Tilda’s support as we look to keep our promise to the many children who already rely on Mary’s Meals, while reaching more hungry children. The 7p donated from the sale of each bag of Tilda Brown & White rice will allow these children to get the most out of their education, giving them the hope of a brighter future.”

Made with a 50:50 mix of wholegrain and white rice, Tilda Brown & White rice is recommended by the School Food Standards Agency and enables school caterers to combine the health benefits of wholegrain with the taste, ease of cooking and popularity of white rice.

Absolutely awesome in ambient! Our new warehouse opens

We recently expanded our Oxfordshire depot to include a whopping 1,445 square meters of additional ambient warehouse, ready to help accommodate our full range of over 5,000 products. Expanding our ambient category alone by over 60% in the past two years, we explain the difference this investment will make to you in an upcoming blog – be sure to check back here soon!

In the meantime, why not jump straight into the ambient chapter of our latest Product Guide?
Just click here.

A slick review of the oils and vinegars in our range

A slick review of our range

With so many oils and vinegars within our ambient range, we talk you through their differences and benefits.

White & Black Truffle Oil:

  • Modern culinary ingredient used to enhance the flavour and aroma.
  • More of a finishing oil than cooking oil as high temperatures alter the flavour.
  • White truffle oil is more garlicky and peppery in flavour, suiting more delicate meats and fish.
  • Black truffle oil is more robust, can be paired with stronger foods and drizzled over meat dishes.
black and white truffle oil
 AMAR0115 White Truffle Infused Oil, 1 x 250ml
AMAR0150 Black Truffle Infused Oil, 1 x 250ml

Sesame Oil:

  • Derived from toasted sesame seeds, a distinct nutty aroma and taste.
  • Primarily used for seasoning.
  • Used as a cooking oil in South India, but as a flavour enhancer in Middle Eastern, African and Southeast Asian cuisines.
sesame oil
 AMAR0200 Sesame Oil, 1 x 2Ltr
AMAR0147 Sesame Oil, 12 x 150ml

Walnut Oil:

  • Rich, nutty flavour, perfect for salad dressings, steaks and fish.
  • Flavour becomes more prominent when paired with actual walnuts.
  • Best used uncooked or in cold sauces as becomes bitter when cooked.
walnut oil
 CENT0200 Walnut Oil 1 x 500ml

Hazelnut Oil:

  • Made by pressing the oil from hazelnuts and has a nutty but slightly sweet, intense flavour.
  • Popular addition to cookies, cakes and other baked goods.
  • Adds a rich, nutty flavour to sauces and salad dressings.
hazelnut oil
 CENT0205 Hazelnut Oil, 1 x 500ml

Sherry Vinegar Reserve:

  • A gourmet vinegar made from Sherry, adding both flavour and smoothness to dishes.
  • Can be reduced down and used as a glaze on chicken or duck; very distinctive taste.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Amber in colour and gives the food an almost fruity flavour.
  • Made by fermenting apples in water for a 7-8 month period.
  • Brings out the sharpness and sweetness of surrounding flavours.
apple cider vinegar
 CENT0215 Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 x 750ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • Liquid fat obtained from pressing whole olives.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is a better alternative when shallow frying due to it smoking at a lower temperature; best used either uncooked or cooked at a low to medium temperature.

Pomace Oil:

  • Olive pomace is extracted from olive pulp after the first press.
  • High smoke point makes it popular preference when cooking.
  • Doesn’t have as much of a flavour as other oils which can be good if you do not want the oil for taste.
pomace oil
 COCU8005 Pomace Oil, 1 x 5Ltr

Balsamic Vinegar:

  • Very dark, concentrated and intensely flavoured vinegar made from grape must.
  • Although made from grapes, it is not considered a wine because it is not fermented. It is best used after cooking and in mild dishes, so that other flavours can still shine.
balsamic vinegar topping
 FILB6007 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 1 x 500ml
FILB6020 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 1 x 2Ltr

“Remember, our Account Managers are here to support you for any questions or advice needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!”

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