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Chef of the Year 2019

The North Devon campus of Petroc college hosts an annual Chef of the Year competition which Philip Dennis Foodservice is proud to sponsor.  With an aim to nurture young talent, the competition is open to all students on food-related courses and they’re challenged to create a main and dessert within two hours.

This year’s event saw Michelin Star Chefs Mark Dodson (The Masons Arms, Knowstone) and Thomas Carr (Thomas Carr at The Olive Room), joined by Nigel Yeo (Director, Philip Dennis Foodservice) in judging the dishes. The standard of entry was really high with Mark commenting: “It’s been the toughest year to judge. Each time the standard has increased but this year it’s been a leap!’

This year’s event was won by Kaleb Chavush from Ilfracombe, with Rory Moore was the Level 2 winner.

Members from Philip Dennis were delighted to attend a winner’s lunch on Monday 17 June where Mark helped the chefs to prepare the winning dishes.

Kaleb’s winning main was curry crusted loin of lamb, confit lamb bhaji, parsnip puree, Bombay parmintier potatoes, mint & lime yoghurt and a coriander emulsion and Rory’s winning dessert was Crème Brulèe with fresh apricot and vanilla butter twists.

Nigel Yeo, Director at Philip Dennis Foodservice said: The Chef of the Year competition is a great opportunity for the students to practise working under pressure and gain valuable experience of the demands of a busy kitchen. We have been involved with the competition since its inception, and it continues to go from strength to strength with this year’s entries being simply first class.

Street Food is on the Rise!

Street food is rapidly becoming one of the most loved ways that us Brits are choosing to eat. With 50% of the British population choosing to have street food at least once a week its proving to be a trend that’s here to stay.

Some people may think that street food is all about burgers and chips, and just a glammed up version of fast food. They couldn’t be further away from the truth. With Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, Greek & Mexican food being the most popular of cuisines that are available in street food, not only is it providing us with great tasting food, but its an education to us all as well.

Whether its a trusty burrito or something more experimental such as Mee Goreng, you are sure to find it in the markets and streets of cities up and down the country, and as these dishes become more popular we are starting to see these variations appear on more and more menus throughout pubs and restaurants nationwide.

In the last year or so we have seen the rise in Vegetarian and Vegan dishes, with street food taking the front seat of showing us how easy it is to create these dishes and how tasty they can be. Not only is the food tasty, but it is also very photogenic. Nearly 6 million posts have been uploaded using the hashtag #streetfood, if that isn’t telling us that street food is popular then what is?

Our Beef now brings more benefits

We are delighted in taking a great step forward in our superior quality, locally sourced West Country PGI Beef. Just the finest specially selected cattle, born, reared and finished within the West Country six counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire can carry the West Country Beef PGI. The West Country is the largest, most agricultural region in England and its environment is one of the richest in the UK. Farmers from the region produce an estimated 24% of beef in England and it is this which has helped shape and maintain the landscape and its heritage. Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for West Country Beef has been granted, a project lead by meat South West and supported by the Agricultural and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), presenting Dennis Family Butchers with the opportunity to improve upon the supplies of our current ‘Devon and Cornwall Prime Beef’ range. In January 2014, Protected Geographical Indications (PGI’s) for West Country Beef were recognised by the European Commission and published in the official journal of the EU. This means that beef from the region that meets specific criteria, such as being at least 70% forage fed, is eligible to carry the PGI logo and can be badged as West Country and promoted based on their rearing environment. All farms are independently inspected to guarantee the very high standards and product authenticity. A feed log is required and proof provided that the cattle have been fed on a diet comprising of at least 70% forage from the lush grasses of the West Country, some of the best pastureland in the world.The West Country is the largest, most agricultural region in England with grass growing in much of the region for up to 300 days of the year. This produces more consistently tender beef, giving an excellent eating experience – which is one of the things Dennis Family Butchers prides themselves on. It also produces a characteristic effect on meat quality and the nutritional value of beef in terms of fatty acid composition, vitamin E content and sensory quality. These values are achieved as animals have access to fresh grass for longer because of the warm, wet climate and where production systems are based extensively on grass.

Why is the PGI status good for you?

There are many significant differences behind the change to ‘West Country Beef’ and the benefits to your customers that the PGI status brings. PGI status meets consumer demand for menu provenance by displaying the logo on your menu. By doing this, you are creating differentiation between your product and others in the marketplace. This is a great way to enhance your brand and create fresh attention by promoting a new range that reinforces your commitment to animal welfare, traceability and quality produce and a tangible way to support British farming.   To view our online West Country Beef PGI brochure, please click here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/online.fliphtml5.com/lizz/mrzx/index.html

Our West Country Beef is a truly fantastic, regional product – unique in flavour and quality. You can see our full West Country Beef range in the opening section of our Product Guide.

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Savour our new Butchery delights!

    Dennis Family Butchers is delighted to have recently launched their new Butchery delights, which boast mighty flavours and profit boosting potential. Suiting a wide range of dining situations and allowing chefs creative reign in the kitchen, all whilst catering to the demand for more gluten-free options.

Turkey Burgers

Made from 100% freshly ground turkey meat, just with a pinch of salt and pepper, providing the perfect blank canvas for you to then add your own premium touch, or confidently combine several further ingredients. With turkey recently gaining superfood status, these new burgers from Dennis Family Butchers can be enjoyed all year round – as well as the health benefits. Allow the burger to shine on its own and serve on a bed of crisp lettuce, with sweet potato criss-cuts (LAWE0273), sundried tomato and red onion houmous (CHSA6020) and seasonal vegetables.Gluten-free meat products can help drive footfall into your establishment as the demand for them becomes ever greater. Gluten-free diets are being adopted by a rising number of people, and not just those who have intolerances or coeliac disease – resulting in the growing demand for more gluten-free options.

Gluten-free Pork Sausages

Dennis Family Butchers have ensured the same great taste in their gluten-free pork sausages (SABU0010), as their leading traditional pork sausages – so your menus don’t have to compromise on flavour. The lightly seasoned versatility makes this sausage suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gluten-free Burgers

Spanish in style, perfect for spicing up your burger offerings. Dennis Family Butchers have created a gluten-free chorizo burger (BEEF9935), which is smoky in flavour, with a little kick! Boost profit by offering extras to keep with the Spanish theme. We suggest a rich brioche bun (FLET0015), with crunchy romaine lettuce, picante salsa (FUNN2023) and a beer battered onion ring (MCCA1344).

West Country Beef PGI Burgers

We recently took great steps forward in our superior quality, locally sourced West Country PGI Beef – and with that brings our new range of West Country PGI Beef Burgers. With the demand for provenance being greater than ever, your customers can be assured that these burgers contain only beef born, reared and finished within the six counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Read more here…

West Country Beef PGI Gluten-free Burgers

Along with this change, Dennis Family Butchers recognise the demand for gluten-free dining and its popularity. Supplied in a range of weights and flavours, including sea salt and cracked black pepper, plus caramelised onion and cracked black pepper, to give diners choice and keep pushing returned footfall.

Butchers Quarter Pounder Burger

Small in depth, but big on flavour! These quarter pounders (BEEF9936) are produced thinner than other burgers from the Dennis Family Butchers range, which allows for convenient quicker cooking times. We suggest keeping these classic with layers of bacon (CURE0049) and Monterey jack cheese slices (FUNN1514) – and give customers the chance to personalise and upgrade by doubling-up their burger!

For further information on our new butchery delights, please speak with your Account Manager.

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