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We have a wide variety of products to inspire you for the festive season. Have a browse through our Charcuterie range, where you’ll find everything you need and more for the perfect festive platter. What’s more, find your perfect Christmas main with our Meat & Poultry range, or meat alternatives to suit every plate. Browse this year’s Festive Taste mag too, for great deals on this season’s must-haves!

Friday 23rd December: 8am - 5pm (Normal Delivery)
Saturday 24th December: Closed (No Deliveries)

Sunday 25th December: Closed (No Deliveries)
Monday 26th December: 12 noon - 5pm (No Deliveries)
Tuesday 27th December: 8am - 5pm (Deliveries to all areas*)
Wednesday 28th December: 8am - 5pm (Normal Delivery)
Thursday 29th December: 8am - 5pm (Normal Delivery)
Friday 30th December: 8am - 4pm (Normal Delivery)

Saturday 31st December: Closed (No Deliveries)
Sunday 1st January: 12 noon - 5pm (No Deliveries)
Monday 2nd January: 8am - 5pm (Normal Delivery)


Limited fish available.

*Regardless of your normal delivery schedule.