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Ariel Prof Auto Dosage S1 Actilift (10ltr)

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Ariel Professional System 1 is a concentrated low foaming liquid detergent.

• Contains a unique combination of high performing ingredients.

• Contains an advanced surfactant system, which is very effective at surrounding and lifting off dirt and removing stains.

• Contains high technology enzymes

• Contains brightening agents

• Controls the foam level of the wash cycle

• Is formulated without bleach and helps your fabrics to stay in good condition

• Specially formulated fragrance, helps your laundry to smell fresh

• Can be used on all water hardnesses

• Is highly solubility and good dispensable resulting in fast stain removal, providing excellent performance even in a short cycle at low temperature

• Can be used on all types of white and coloured textiles, except wool and silk, at temperature of 30-95°C for whites and 30-60°C for colours.

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