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Dennis Family Fishmongers: How we sparkle!

  • Posted by: Sara-Jane Williams

For fresh fish, seafood and shellfish that’s usually locally caught, always quickly processed and perfectly prepared, look no further than Dennis Family Fishmongers.
But of course, we would say that, wouldn’t we?
So for the greatest reassurance as to how brightly we sparkle, we’ll share with you all the details of our recent reviews and audits.
You’ll find there’s no place for modesty in this blog as, quite simply, we couldn’t have done better. From far exceeding the national average performance in our FoodQuad audit, to an exceptional review by the highly regarded SALSA and full marks for our Food Hygiene rating, this upcoming blog will be presented with more glitter and pride than a preschooler’s first piece of artwork!

Reputation preceded us already? Then dive on into our Dennis Family Fishmonger range, by visiting our online shop here or opening up the Fish chapter of our Product Guide.


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Author: Sara-Jane Williams
Sara-Jane supports the brand development and marketing at Philip Dennis. She is passionate about supporting customers in their efforts to increase profitability, raise footfall and stand out in the crowd.

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