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do you really know what you are paying for your fish?

Do you really know what you’re paying for your fish?

It’s easy to become confused, particularly when fish is sold either whole or filleted. A whole fish might seem a good price, but you could end up paying over the odds. Our Fish Division Manager explains how to smell any fishy business and catch yourself the best deal.

Know what you’re paying for!

Knowing what you’re paying for should be straightforward – shouldn’t it? According to Dennis Family Fishmonger Manager, Lee Burdis, it’s easy for customers to get confused – particularly when it comes to whether fish is sold as whole or filleted. ‘Some customers may be unsure exactly what they’re paying for with fish,’ he says, ‘and I don’t blame them, it can be tricky to understand. A whole fish price may sound like a good deal, but you could end up paying over the odds.’

So how does the confusion come about?

‘The thing to remember’, he says, ‘is when you fillet a whole, “round” fish, you get about 50 per cent of the yield – in other words, about half the weight of a whole fish becomes fillets. Most round fish – like cod, haddock, pollock, hake and ling – give about 50 per cent, although you can get about 65 per cent yield from salmon.’ cod on vegetables

You then need to look at whether the price you’re quoted is for the whole or fillet.

‘If someone’s selling fish by the “whole” weight, you’ll have to pay for about double the weight of fish you require. So, for example, if you want 6kg of cod fillet, you may be charged for 12kg of whole fish to get the 6kg.’ There’s no confusion at Philip Dennis’, explains Lee, ‘because most of what we sell is already filleted. So, if you ask for 6kg of cod fillet, we weigh fillets to get as close as possible to the required weight – you then get charged by the kilo for the exact weight.’ ‘It can be confusing,’ he adds, ‘but just remember – check whether you’re paying a whole fish price or a fillet price. The whole fish price is invariably cheaper, and sounds like a good deal, but bear in mind you’ll have to pay for a lot more fish to get what you require.’

It all comes down to trust.

Dennis Family Fishmongers have a loyal and rapidly growing following that is based upon trust. ‘Trusted relationships mean everything to us’ said Lee. ‘Customers trust us to source the very best, to skillfully prepare and carefully deliver it, and to be totally transparent in our pricing. It’s what makes me so very proud to work for Dennis Family Fishmongers.’

Please don’t hesitate to ask your local Telesales team or Account Manager to be put in touch with our Fish specialist. Alternatively, see our fish range in our Product Guide here or enter our online shop.

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