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introducing vegware plastic free packaging

Vegware, a product full of goodness

We know you understand the importance of reducing plastic consumption, but we’re also sympathetic to your need to protect profit and provide convenience.

You only have to read the current news to hear about the huge shift in public opinions about plastic wastage, especially one-time usage plastic.

Inspired by our ongoing commitment to go green and the plastic free movements but sympathetic to your need to protect profit and provide convenience we are pleased to say that more of our customers are now using Vegware.  

The difference between compostable and biodegradable

The reason why we chose Vegware for you and your customers is because it is fully compostable, as the material is plant based it is designed for commercial composting with food waste and this means that within a twelve-week period it can be used to put back in to the soil adding vital nutrients to new crops. Biodegradable still means that the packaging is broken down, but this process can take many months or years. The whole food waste process will be easier and much cleaner for you using Vegware.

No more soggy customer food

Unlike plastic hot food containers, Vegware is made from plant-based materials meaning that even though the packaging heats up there will be no condensation to turn your customers food soggy … stay crispy food means repeat business for you.

Show your customers that you are part of the plastic free movement!

Not only can you tell your customers that you are proud of the fact that you are using fully compostable tableware and food packaging, but you can show then too!

Ask us about our custom print options making your packaging bespoke, what a great way to advertise the fact that you care!

Finally, … just a couple of quick fact as to why your customers like to use and support businesses that are doing their bit to help the environment:

  • In 2016 Vegware customers helped to saved 4,744 tons of carbon which is the equivalent of 8,398 flights from London to New York! (source Vegware)
  • In 2018 it is estimated that the UK will use 42 billion straws, 4.1 billion one time use drinks cups and lids and 16.5 billion pieces of plastic cutlery! (source WWF)

For more information call us or ask your Account manager for further details.

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