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meat our newest arrivals- burger

Savour our new Butchery delights!

    Dennis Family Butchers is delighted to have recently launched their new Butchery delights, which boast mighty flavours and profit boosting potential. Suiting a wide range of dining situations and allowing chefs creative reign in the kitchen, all whilst catering to the demand for more gluten-free options.

Turkey Burgers

Made from 100% freshly ground turkey meat, just with a pinch of salt and pepper, providing the perfect blank canvas for you to then add your own premium touch, or confidently combine several further ingredients. With turkey recently gaining superfood status, these new burgers from Dennis Family Butchers can be enjoyed all year round – as well as the health benefits. Allow the burger to shine on its own and serve on a bed of crisp lettuce, with sweet potato criss-cuts (LAWE0273), sundried tomato and red onion houmous (CHSA6020) and seasonal vegetables.Gluten-free meat products can help drive footfall into your establishment as the demand for them becomes ever greater. Gluten-free diets are being adopted by a rising number of people, and not just those who have intolerances or coeliac disease – resulting in the growing demand for more gluten-free options.

Gluten-free Pork Sausages

Dennis Family Butchers have ensured the same great taste in their gluten-free pork sausages (SABU0010), as their leading traditional pork sausages – so your menus don’t have to compromise on flavour. The lightly seasoned versatility makes this sausage suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gluten-free Burgers

Spanish in style, perfect for spicing up your burger offerings. Dennis Family Butchers have created a gluten-free chorizo burger (BEEF9935), which is smoky in flavour, with a little kick! Boost profit by offering extras to keep with the Spanish theme. We suggest a rich brioche bun (FLET0015), with crunchy romaine lettuce, picante salsa (FUNN2023) and a beer battered onion ring (MCCA1344).

West Country Beef PGI Burgers

We recently took great steps forward in our superior quality, locally sourced West Country PGI Beef – and with that brings our new range of West Country PGI Beef Burgers. With the demand for provenance being greater than ever, your customers can be assured that these burgers contain only beef born, reared and finished within the six counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. Read more here…

West Country Beef PGI Gluten-free Burgers

Along with this change, Dennis Family Butchers recognise the demand for gluten-free dining and its popularity. Supplied in a range of weights and flavours, including sea salt and cracked black pepper, plus caramelised onion and cracked black pepper, to give diners choice and keep pushing returned footfall.

Butchers Quarter Pounder Burger

Small in depth, but big on flavour! These quarter pounders (BEEF9936) are produced thinner than other burgers from the Dennis Family Butchers range, which allows for convenient quicker cooking times. We suggest keeping these classic with layers of bacon (CURE0049) and Monterey jack cheese slices (FUNN1514) – and give customers the chance to personalise and upgrade by doubling-up their burger!

For further information on our new butchery delights, please speak with your Account Manager.

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