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Tom's Pies, Steak & Devon Blue

The pie’s the limit

The Pie’s the Limit! We welcome British Pie Week 2018.

March sees the welcome return of British Pie Week (5-11 March), so whether you choose to celebrate with a time-efficient solution on your Specials board, or a signature pie that’s sure to grab attention…the pie’s the limit.

A staple to celebrate

Much loved all over our fair isles, the humble pie has seen a resurgence over the past few years, with British Pie Week now recognised as a foodie celebration that extends far beyond the marketing campaign first initiated by Jus-Rol. With 75% of people in the UK eating at least one pie a month*, this mainstay of British cuisine is now being embraced by the rising artisan culture, searching for quality ingredients in traditional fillings as well as introducing modern twists. Pies still frequently appear on menus up and down the country, and in busy kitchens they are an economical choice. Readily prepared in large batches and easily adapted for all seasons, pies needn’t be mainstream, can get tongues wagging and profits lifting. Creating your own signature pie is a great way to showcase your creativity and add some provenance in a dish that sits comfortably in most people’s comfort zone. Make it unique, and you’ll strengthen loyalty too. *Research by Toluna, 20XX – Commissioned by Jus-Rol.

Tom's Pies, Steak & Devon Blue
 Tom’s Pies, Steak & Devon Blue

All about that base

The great thing about pastry is how many ready-made options there are that save time and money without losing quality or taste. The ready-rolled Jus-Rol packs (CODEXXXXX) are ideal for making up lots of pies in next to no time. If you’re making pastry from scratch, then consider adding complementary flavours to the pastry itself. Herbs like thyme (CODEXXXXX) and rosemary (CODEXXXXX) can lift a rich meaty pie, and hard cheese like parmesan (CODEXXXXX) can add depth to Mediterranean vegetable fillings.

More to pie than meets the eye

Arguably, the most important part of any pie is the filling and will be central to diner’s judgement. Using premium meats in season, like venison, pheasant and other game can pay off as your customers are attracted to the gourmet ingredients in traditional choices. If you’re going for something modern, fillings like chicken and chorizo are still faring well with diners appreciating the fusion twist. Ask our Butchery Specialists for their recommendations.

Top it all off

The practical benefit of a lidded pie is how moist the filling stays during cooking, even after freezing, meaning cuts of meat stay succulent and flavours intensify. But a pie can be topped with more than just a pastry. Jo Baker, Account Manager, suggests slicing our Potato Dauphinoise (TRDP0028) to create a quick and tasty topping. Alternatively, for a truly eye-catching piece, why not use complementary fruit as a topping, such as cranberries (GREE1021) on top of a turkey pie? (Turkey as a super food is currently enjoying time in the limelight far beyond the festive period). If you’re sticking with pastry, you could choose between a ready-made shortcrust or puff pastry lid and consider adding seasoning to the glaze.

 Toms Mini-Pies, perfect served as a trio or for a high-quality children’s menu. TOPI0056 Steak & Ale (TOPI0056), Chicken & Ham (TOPI0058), Mushroom, Spinach & Truffle Oil (TOPI0062), all 24 x 80g.a

Sweet ending

Even classics like the bramley apple pie can be livened up with spices, dried fruit or even dark chocolate chunks on the filling. Seasonal fruit pies for desserts are always a winner, as are our popular key lime pie (SWST0028) and Bourbon Street pecan pie (CODEXXXX, on offer in March), both available as thaw-and-serve. Your Account Manager will be familiar with our vast range and upcoming offers, please don’t hesitate to give them a call.

Key Lime Pie by Sweet Street
Key Lime Pie by Sweet Street (SWST0028), 1 x 14p/ptn

“Remember, our Account Managers are here to support you for any questions or advice needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!”

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