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The brand behind the bear and what this means for you

The launch of this new website marks an exciting step in our evolutionary brand journey, but beyond the marketing buzz, how do we ensure actions speak louder than words?

What’s in a logo?


It seems apt that our polar bear turned grey a couple of years ago, after all he must be in his seventies by now! Yet natural aging aside, the recent change from blue to grey was an acknowledgement that we were no longer fully focused on frozen foods (typically associated with blue in foodservice) but had become a supplier of multi-temperature goods. Adopting a sophisticated grey allowed us to show-off his red bow tie, whilst also giving prominence to a multi-coloured bar that could consistently reinforce our six food categories – butchery, fishmonger, ambient, chilled, frozen and non-food. You’ll see this multi-coloured bar across the bottom of most of our materials, and we hope that for our customers it serves as a reminder that we can provide the convenience of a one-stop shop.


‘Feeding your passion’

When a brand is confident and clear, it can be summed up in only a few words, but it needs to be credible too. We are delighted to have a strapline that grew organically from customer feedback praising the energy, experience and dedication of our employees. It’s our passion for ‘feeding your passion’ that drives us and sets us apart from others, and consequently we invest heavily into keeping that passion alive.

We run regular workshops, ‘Ra-Ra’ days, marketing publications, training programmes, open-days and so much more to ‘#Feed the passion’ here at Philip Dennis. In doing so, we go far beyond just the sale of food, and pride ourselves in offering exceptional business support to our foodservice customers.

Keep an eye on the ‘Support Page’ of our website to discover more of our efforts to keep ‘feeding your passion’.

As passionate about people, as we are about food.

There are plenty of photographs of tempting looking dishes in foodservice, and we love a trendy, mouth-watching piccie as much as the next, but we know that success is about more than creating works-of-art. The OOH (Out-of-home) foodservice industry is increasingly consumed with the ‘experience’ and that requires an understanding of emotive triggers alongside the logical (read more here). Rightly so, it puts people back at the core, recognising that plates ‘licked until sparkling’ alone do not bring success. It’s why we’re so passionate about supporting your business with issues relating to footfall and differentiation, as well as profit, convenience and compliance (read more on our ‘About Us’ page).

And so here we are…

In summary, as we launch of our new website in 2018, our polar bear stands taller and prouder than ever before, and we recognise that:

  • Our brand personality is now richer and more tangible than ever before, as we promise a definable experience: to keep ‘Feeding Your Passion’. To such an effect, we do not endeavour to ‘be the cheapest’, but rather to ‘offer the best value’.
  • We take pride in our brand backstory and family-values, but increasingly promote our value as a collective team of passionate professionals, dedicated to service.
  • We appreciate the evolving role of the public in relation to brand ownership. We embrace and encourage that development, welcoming the advantages it brings for increased customer understanding, engagement, improved service and corporate strength.
  • Our brand is on a continual journey, propelled by the needs of our current and future customers. As a result, whilst we allow our customers to draw comfort from our brand consistency, we also allow ourselves to grow through creativity, innovation and responsiveness.
  • We aim to develop brand characteristics that are recognisable as engaging, supportive, forward-thinking and trusted (with ‘trust’ resulting from being transparent and emotive).

What does all this mean for you? It means we’re here to support you, in all the ways that matter most. It also means that we’re continually listening, to make sure we’re getting it just right. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please get in touch. #Feedthepassion.

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Author: Philip Dennis Foodservice
Philip Dennis pride themselves on their passionate and personal foodservice and business support. We regularly produce blogs to ensure our customers can make the most out of this seasons produce and trends.

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