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the rise of the cheese boards

The rise of cheeseboards to rival dessert

As sugar-free products soar and nutritionists make a u-turn to herald the health benefits of fats, the traditional cheeseboard is making a comeback. From trendy to traditional, local to continental, we share the combinations that are turning heads and boosting profits.

The Rise of the Cheeseboard

At the end of 2015, the British Medical Journal predicted that low-sugar diets would become more popular than their low-fat counterparts, and sure enough the demand for low-sugar dishes and snacks has been on a sharp incline ever since. With a host of celebrity chefs backing the trend with a flurry of sugar-free cookery books and nutritionists making a u-turn and heralding the health benefits of fats, the traditional cheeseboard is making a comeback as restaurants embrace the latest trend.

Best of British

A classic British cheeseboard wouldn’t be complete without Smoked Applewood (NORS0005), Red Leicester (FJNE0090), Stilton (FFFO0049) and a great Mature Cheddar (DAFA0035). Find them in our chilled collection, along with a few exciting flavour mash-ups including Vulscombe Herb and Garlic (SUCH0145), White Stilton and Apricot (SUCH0310) and Wensleydale with Cranberries (SUCH0307). Serve with Jacobs biscuits for cheese (UNBI6206) and ale chutney (PYPA0136).

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West Country Cheeseboard

You needn’t be based in the South West to take advantage of its bountiful artisan produce and introduce its strong provenance appeal to your menu. Take your diners on a tour of the counties, with slices of Cornish Yarg (SUCH0084), Devon Blue (SUCH0025), Somerset Brie (SUCH0126), Dorset Blue Vinney (SUCH0413) and Quickes Double Gloucester (SUCH0448) filling the board. Short on time? We’ve the perfect solution with Five Counties (SUCH0476) – an impressive centre piece showcasing Somerset’s finest. Include a pot of West Country cider and apple chutney (PYPA0142) on the side, then dress the board with freshly picked sprigs of cow parsley and slices of seasonal apple.

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French Connection

Mix things up and include a European selection of cheeses on the menu alongside a British option, diners will love the extra choice. Add Emmental (CHCE0020), Camembert (CHCE0145), Brie (FUTU0040) and Gruyere (SUCH0189) to the board for a real taste of France and serve with a plain rustique (LEPC0056) for ultimate French feel.

Taste of Italy

Creamy mozzarella (FUTU0015), soft Cambozola, sweet Dolcelatte and classic Italian Gorgonzola (SUCH0292) give this collection of cheese a luxurious feel. Try adding mixed olives (REOC0025), feta stuffed peppers (REOC0015) and stone-baked ciabatta (PLPA0470) for an antipasti style sharing board.


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