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Lemon Sole Appetiser

Working with local fish businesses

For spankingly fresh fish from North Devon fishing boats, look no further than Dennis Family Fishmongers. 

Working with local fish businesses, Dennis Family Fishmongers is renowned for their high quality fish.

‘What makes it special,’ says Lee, Fish Division Manager, ‘is the fact that we are processing the fish straight off local boats. The fish is put on ice at sea, landed and is driven no more than 30 minutes to us at the processing unit in Barnstaple, so it doesn’t do any of the motorway miles that much fish has to endure, and it isn’t thrown about at market either. And when you open a box of lemon sole and see them firm as a frisbee because they’re so fresh, it’s just brilliant.’

Amazingly the North Devon coast yields around 75 species across the year, from tonnes of squid in summer (much of which is exported) to bass, skate, plaice and cod. ‘I know there is a cod quota,’ says Lee, ‘but it’s plentiful out there and when we receive it it’s in perfect condition and comes straight to us to be filleted.’

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Of course, Lee himself a great fish fan. ‘My favourite fish dishes are monkfish wrapped in parma ham and John Dory on the bone – especially that sweet bit of meat in the cheek,’ he says, although he doesn’t get much time for cooking. ‘I start at 7am and usually don’t get home until 7pm, so for me it’s usually just a case of rustling up something quick and easy, then a bath and bed!’

For any more information on Dennis Family Fishmongers, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager. Alternatively, see the Fish chapter of our product guide!


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