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Market leading source of accurate allergy, nutritional and technical product data

Getting a grip on Allergen & Dietary Requirements

Need to know the latest Allergen & nutritional information for your menu planning? Over 1,200 food manufacturers share their food specification data with Erudus, making it your trusted site for everything you need to know about a product. 

As a Philip Dennis Customer you can access Erudus to easily identify the 14 major food allergens that appear within their produce. All information that is provided on the Erudus website is maintained by the manufacturer ensuring that caterers and wholesalers are drawing on a single source of truth.

The 14 major food allergens:






Sulphur Dioxide








Tree Nuts

What are the benefits?

Erudus provides detailed technical data that puts legally required allergen information directly into the hands that require it.

The information undergoes a series of ongoing validation checks to ensure the data you see is always accurate. This allows you to quickly provide your customers with all allergen information for the products that they’re purchasing from you.

It’s easy to discover whether products ‘contain’ or ‘may contain’ any of the 14 major allergens and if they are suitable for any special dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal. By doing this you can give your customers a comprehensive Nutritional Breakdown for the products you’re supplying them. At a glance you can see the Typical Values and Reference Intake (RI’s). Erudus One provides a legally compliant nutritional breakdown, displayed in the format of the new Reference Intake guidelines.

It’s also a great tool to get ideas for free-from menus, and with Philip Dennis you also have FREE access to the recipe builder tool. This easy to use tool is a fantastic way to not only find out all the nutritional and allergen information, but also helps to organise costs for the recipes you’re creating.

Plus with the new Natasha’s Law coming into effect in 2021, which will require all take-away food products to have their allergen and dietary content labelled on them, access to the recipe builder tool becomes more useful than ever.

Enjoy the convenience

A huge benefit of Erudus is it being an online application that is available 24/7. So, no matter what time you’re taking orders, you have the reassurance of knowing you can provide accurate nutritional and allergen information with ease.

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Brochures, Guides and News

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